WINTER 2018 Kusum Life Immersion: Expand Into Your Energy & Inner World with Penny Kusum Clum

WINTER 2018: 1/5-6, 2/2-3, 3/16-17, 4/13-14
Over time we begin noticing the greater degree of quietness created in our lives by our understanding and our practices. Then, we naturally become more aware of and curious about what’s present in that quiet. :
In the Energy and Inner World Immersion we learn to:
•more predictably create the FEEL of our own lives
•recognize our own inner promptings
•follow the movements of Prana/Chi/Spirit/Life as a sensory experience in both our bodies and lives
•understand the skill based process of bringing ourselves into a first hand relationship with our own Source
Topics will include:
•processing of emotion
•the nervous system
•the inseparable relationship between body and Prana/Chi/Spirit/Life
•the anatomy of your energy body (chakras, nadis/meridians/, aura)
•boundaries and your relation to others’ energy
•what it truly means to ‘help’
•how to be of service to the wider world
•above all, your perceptiveness of your own intuition
Our primary practice tools will be the discussion of spiritual text, self observation and the inner practices of Mindfulness Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation and pranayama (breath/energy work) and seated meditation.
You may join this Kusum Life Energy Winter Immersion even if you have not taken our Kusum Life Quiet Fall Immersion yet. Please let Penny know you’re interested to double check this program is a good fit for you.
Kusum Life Immersion programs meet four weekends (Fridays 5:00pm-8:00pm, Saturdays 9:00am-4:00pm) over the course of 3-4 months. Each Saturday we will have a traditional yoga class with appropriate modification for all levels. The rest of our time will be spent in presentation, discussion and journaling/contemplation as well as led nonverbal experiences to help us absorb this information on multiple levels.
In addition to the ideas, discussions and practices presented each gathering, you will also leave each weekend with a self-developed plan for daily practice and study to live between meetings. The individualized plans are designed to facilitate real and lasting integration of the physical, mindset, spiritual and lifestyle principles that we examine. In addition, each participant is welcome to meet with Penny for help applying these principles to their specific situations. The results? Powerful shifts in body, mind, and spirit.
PENNY KUSUM CLUM holds multiple yoga certifications as well as graduate degrees in both chemical engineering & biochemistry and has been a professional educator for sixteen years. She lights up when she gets to share what has deepened her experience of her own life and has offered thousands of inspirational yoga classes, meditations and workshops since 2003 through her Kusum Institute Saco and Scarborough yoga studios. Penny’s presence, love of people, enthusiasm and diversity is what shapes her unique teachings on bringing spirit to Life… all with lightness and lots of laughter. Learn more about Penny and her offerings at
Early Discount Tuition (if paid in full, one month prior to start): $795
Tuition (due at program start unless prior arrangements made): $895
-Deposit due with application: $195. Deposit is nonrefundable and is applied toward program cost.
– Upon receiving your $195 deposit we will email a link with the program application.
– Once submitted, your application will be reviewed shortly. If there is program space and the sense that there is a good fit with the group that is forming, we will send your acceptance notice with a reading list and further instructions. If not accepted, your $195 deposit will be refunded.
– Service scholarships and payment plans available based on financial need. Talk with us.
– If you feel a pull to take this perspective changing program, contact us. There is always a way!
– Register early! These programs fill quickly. When filled, your name may be added to our waiting list.
Your nonrefundable application deposit of $195 will be applied to the program tuition once you are accepted into the program. If you withdraw from the program once accepted, any tuition paid minus the application deposit will be held as a credit towards another Kusum Life Immersion program to be taken within the next two calendar years.