Penny Kusum Clum

E-RYT 500, Amrit Advanced Yoga Nidra Facilitator
Penny’s presence, love of people, enthusiasm and diversity is what shapes her unique teachings on bringing spirit to Life… all with lightness and lots of laughter.

Penny’s holds multiple yoga and meditation certifications as well as graduate degrees in both chemical engineering & biochemistry and has been a professional educator for sixteen years.

This has developed her ability to teach about the connection between mind, body and spirit and how to leverage our psychology and biology to create more satisfaction and joy in our lives.

Penny is fascinated by the overlaps in things that are typically considered opposites… science and spirituality, outer world and inner experience, the physical and the nonphysical and she is enthusiastic about sharing what she has learned with people.

Penny stumbled upon yoga as the result of a running injury and has been practicing and teaching ever since. She lights up when she gets to share what has deepened her experience of her own life and has offered thousands of inspirational yoga classes, meditations and workshops since 2003 through her Kusum Institute Saco and Scarborough yoga studios.
She offers a yearly self advancement program (Kusum Life Immersion) and leads Yoga Alliance registered Teacher Trainings both locally and traveling.

Penny has come to view yoga as a science, a set of clear techniques, which predictably help people to ease their physical discomforts and quiet their minds. The ‘magic’? As soon as the mind quiets, contentment pours in.

As a musician, she plays Native American flutes and other wind instruments and uses recordings of her meditative music in her classes.

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