Dec 10 ~ Yamuna Body Rolling ~ Upper Back and Neck Freedom with Melora Gregory

Sunday, December 10
12:00 – 2:00

$25 Preregistration Requested!

(6 Minimum, 20 Maximum)

Join Melora Gregory, Certified YBR® Level l and ll, Foot Fitness and Advanced Balls at Scarborough Yoga!

Unravel chronic holding patterns which cause the thoracic spine to round. Lift the breast bone, go deep into the pectoral attachments, armpit adhesions, ribs and shoulder blades.  Free the front rib cage to lift, allowing the neck to reposition and find ease.

Yamuna Body Rolling®

is a unique approach to health and fitness that helps people feel better, move more freely, gain strength and eliminate pain. Specially designed 4-10 inch balls will help you;
*Increase muscle length
*Create joint mobility
*Promote healing of injuries
*Tone muscles and build core strength
*Energize nerve roots and vital organs
*Dislodge tension and discomfort
*Enhance blood flow
*Stimulate bone density
An ideal practice for everyone, at all fitness levels, for dramatic and immediate results. Carefully planned routines match the body’s own logic and order to reeducate one’s innate body awareness!

Bring your pair of foot wakers and balls if you already own them! Melora will provide for others.