Sarra Maddocks

Sarra Maddocks completed her 200-hour RYT alliance training in 2012 with Alice Ricardi, formerly of Portland Power Yoga.  Since then she has taught adaptive flow with STRIVE, a local organization working with young adults with developmental disabilities.  She is also a founding member of the Go To Yoga Project, who’s objective is to bring yoga to underserved populations who’s access to practice is restricted, due to availability or financial limitations.  She currently teaches Power Flow at the Greater Portland YMCA where she’s been since 2013.

Sarra has developed a steady practice over the past 7 years. She focuses on the Baptiste methodology, which shows up in her teaching as constant reminders to modify, making the poses work for your body, not making your body work for the pose, and to rest, placing your bodies needs over your ego’s.  She also teaches Yin, a style practiced in stillness, but with emphasis in allowing the body to succumb to gravity, dropping into poses rather than holding them.

Yoga is transformational experience for Sarra, improving her life in boundless ways.  She has experienced an amazing amount of increased energy and strength, as well as increased clarity and mental focus, and above all else the ability to be still and present in the moment that is.

Sarra’s goal is to make yoga available to everyone.  She sees yoga as tool to help overcome the limiting factors we create for ourselves and change our way being both on and off the mat.  Sarra also hates speaking in the 3rd person as she finds it pretentious and creepy