Robin Ivy Payton

imageI’ve been a part of the South Portland and Portland communities in so many ways: as a public school educator, radio professional, astrologer and intuitive reader, and enthusiastic supporter of the music, cultural and arts community. 

I find yoga to be endlessly creative in both teaching and practice. Since our bodies and minds are different every day and thrive on both familiarity and newness,I I teach for the day, rarely repeating the same class twice.

My initial training was with Jacqui Bonwell/Sacred Seeds Yoga School, and I followed up by studying functional anatomy, yin, yoga nidra,  and prenatal yoga with Pranakriya Yoga School and Lotus Pond in Tampa Florida, I practice, write and share astrology, tarot and other intuitive arts including RoZoYo®, yoga based on the movements and influence of the Moon, Sun, and planets. Communicating clearly is a high priority in my teaching, and I like to think you can understand and follow along with your eyes closed.

Join me at SY for Tuesday morning Gentle Yoga, occasionally Yin Yoga, and other workshops including Restorative with Reiki and Vinyasa Flows with Sound Healing and astrological themes.