Sept 7 ~ Currency Camp: Where Yoga Meets Your Financial Nature


Thursday September 7
6:00 – 7:30 PM
Pre Register (so we have a head count)- Donations at your discretion welcome on behalf of Sea Change Yoga!
The 7 chakras and the practice of Yoga meet the 7 natural relationships with money. In this workshop we use an online tool and fun, interactive content to demonstrate a natural order to money that will help you identify your sticking points and move beyond them. The idea that energy can get stuck is a concept that many Yogis are comfortable with. The same can be true of our money. We tend to be wired a certain way and our type of hardware predisposes us to getting stuck in a certain chakra or relationship with money. Knowing our nature can help us to be more aware of our patterns and access wisdom that may have been escaping our conscious mind. Armed with a new mindfulness tool you can re-embark on your financial evolution journey with a road map and compass to keep you headed in the right direction.
Tom Shepard is the CEO and Founder of Shepard FINANCIAL and Currency Camp and is on the board of directors of Sea Change Yoga. He practices Yoga at Riverbend Yoga Studio in Yarmouth, Maine. Tom is a financial advisor, former teacher and visionary in the new and growing field of Financial Therapy. His approach to money is gentle, full of wisdom and rooted in spiritual writings while also being on the cutting edge of behavioral finance. He lives in Cumberland, Maine with his wife Susan and their three children Sydney, Kira and Owen.
Donations welcome on behalf of Sea Change Yoga