Jan 21 ~ Ashtanga Yoga: A Therapeutic Practice for All Ages with Penny Kusum Clum

Sunday Jan 21
12:00 – 2:00 PM
Flowing Vinyasa style yoga classes are among the most popular taught today. This modern style evolved from the older original form of vinyasa yoga, Ashtanaga Yoga. Come learn about the roots of these practices!
Ashtanga Yoga is quite often misunderstood and characterized as a very vigorous physically driven practice that is only appropriate for the young and already fit. Not true.
To the contrary, when practiced and taught in an authentic way, Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful systematic, thoughtful, therapeutic and modifiable tool to assist healing on all levels for people of all ages and body types. It is a practice that is meant to grow and change with you over a lifetime.

Every week Penny has people in her classes from ages 16-85 with most over 35. You will often find people in the  same class who are cross training for marathons or triathalons practicing next to those rehabbing injuries or chronic pain. Multilevel, individualized and healing.

Join Penny as she shares the heart of this practice she fell in love with over 20 years ago. We will discuss the foundations of the Ashtanga Yoga system and HOW it was meant to be practiced followed by a carefully guided physical practice, modified to meet everyone’s needs. Try something new! Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

PENNY KUSUM CLUM holds multiple yoga certifications as well as graduate degrees in both chemical engineering & biochemistry and has been a professional educator for sixteen years. She lights up when she gets to share what has deepened her experience of her own life and has offered thousands of inspirational yoga classes, meditations and workshops since 2003 through her Kusum Institute Saco and Scarborough yoga studios. Penny’s presence, love of people, enthusiasm and diversity is what shapes her unique teachings on bringing spirit to Life… all with lightness and lots of laughter. Learn more about Penny and her offerings at www.PennyClum.com