Yin Yoga with Kristine Keegan

May 2, 2016 @ 5:20 pm – 6:20 pm
Yin Yoga with Kristine Keegan

Appropriate for all levels!  Extensive use of props and modifications makes this class accessible to everyone from the brand new beginner to an experienced yogi.

Begin or continue your exploration into the Yin-side of your body and mind in this weekly class.  Train yourself to become comfortable in stillness, a wonderful antidote to the 21st century life-on-the-go.  Simultaneously, unravel the layers of tension and restriction that have taken up residence in your fascia, tendons, and ligaments.

Each class will include all or most of these components:

  • Seated meditation and breathwork
  • Physical postures from the yin yoga tradition
  • Optional interludes of yang-style movement
  • One or more restorative postures to end the class

A sense of curiosity is the only pre-requisite for this class.  I hope you’ll join me and the growing number of people that have discovered increased freedom of movement and decreased pain as a result of a regular Yin Yoga practice.