CORE/YIN Fusion with Sarra Maddocks

January 14, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
CORE/YIN Fusion with Sarra Maddocks

As we all know, over time our bodies change and adapt to accommodate how they move
through the physical world. Often, repetitive physical patterns result in some undesirable
limitations caused by joint systems augmenting and muscle groups overcompensating or under
Core/Yin fusion is a practice designed to explore the connection of the body’s center line and
the relationship that integrity carries into musculoskeletal and joint systems so that we can
recognize and counteract the impact of repetitive motion strain. By spending time at the
beginning of class in a short sequence of core stabilization poses fused with breath and deep
abdominal muscle conditioning, our bodies are better able to understand the experience of
softening into a more classically led Yin based practice that intentionally reaches deep into the
connective tissues resulting in a reconditioning of fascia, ligaments and tendons. It’s like a drink
if water for your joints.
Any physical pursuit will eventually leave its imprint in your body, unfortunately these imprints
can show up as a restricted range of motion, shortening of the musculature and loss of
flexibility. Whether you’re a runner, walker, biker, swimmer, play hockey, or are constantly on
your feet or sitting as part of your career, Core/Yin fusion can help reduce the effect of repetitive
motion stress and nurture the development of flexibility in areas that tend to succumb to
tightness. Through time, this practice can help to lengthen muscles, open up the joint systems
and foster the improvement of core stabilization for healthy physical alignment, and mind/body
awareness in any activity.