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Yoga, Yamuna & Core Strength ~ Yamuna Body Rolling® with Melora Gregory
Mar 11 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Yoga, Yamuna & Core Strength ~ Yamuna Body Rolling® with Melora Gregory @ Scarborough Yoga | Scarborough | Maine | United States
~ Yoga, Yamuna & Core Strength ~
Sunday March 11 
12:00 – 2:00 
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Use the Yamuna Body Rolling® tools to enhance yoga postures. Set a solid, strong foundation,  toning and connecting the feet all the way up the body. Use the balls as supports, stretching aides, and alignment props to foster greater awareness of the body. Tone the abdominals, back core muscles, buttock, and pelvic floor. Gravity and a sedentary lifestyle can cause abdominal organs to drop into the lower abdomen, weakening it and consequently also the lower back. Lift the organs back into place, release the anterior spine and the psoas muscle, taking pressure out of the low back.

Yamuna Body Rolling®

is a unique approach to health and fitness that helps people feel better, move more freely, gain strength and eliminate pain. Specially designed 4-10 inch balls will help you;
*Increase muscle length
*Create joint mobility
*Promote healing of injuries
*Tone muscles and build core strength
*Energize nerve roots and vital organs
*Dislodge tension and discomfort
*Enhance blood flow
*Stimulate bone density
An ideal practice for everyone, at all fitness levels, for dramatic and immediate results.

Melora Gregory, Certified YBR®
Level l & ll, Foot Fitness, Advanced Balls
E-RYT-500 Yoga Alliance